Licensing is provided on a customer by customer basis.


The buying process

The price of the product is 29$ USD.

Prior to buying the product, the setup must be run and the trial version installed. The trial version is the full-featured product and has all features activated. The trial version however adds a tiny label "trial version" on top of video shots. Buying the product gives the chance to remove the tiny labels once for all.

Start the product, then go to the Help / About box, and click Buy the product. This brings you to a web page hosted by the third-party payment company, Kagi. Once your order is complete, you'll receive a notification by e-mail with the registration code in the body.

Enter the registration code in the appropriate field in the About box, and the buying process is complete. You have just bought a license of the product. Thanks. From now on, there won't be tiny labels any more on video shots.

If you encounter any problem, don't hesitate to contact ARsT design for technical support. Click on this email link here, and remember to remove the letters in capital (protection against SPAM).