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  Plays the video, or load a video into AVS.
  Pauses the video.
  Stops the video.
  Lets you mark where AVS should start playing and/or processing. Useful for looping or focus scenarios. When you create a mark, it displays with a closed bracket in the video timeline in the video preview window. To remove that mark, press the SHIFT key and click on that button.
  Same than before, but marks the end of where playing and/or processing should occur. This mark also displays with a closed bracket in the video timeline. To remove that mark, press the SHIFT key and click on that button.
  Inserts a shot manually : AVS takes a snapshot of the current video picture and adds it to the tail of the existing shot collection. This option is convenient for small adjustements, even though the shot sampler and the shot engine are the prevailing tools to use.
  Uses the regular shot sampler. AVS plays the video and takes regularly snapshots of the video according to some rate, for instance one picture every two seconds. Before you use this function, which by default takes a snapshot every 40 frames in the video, make sure to set proper settings using one of the options below. Please note that the shot sampler knows nothing of the actual video content, and for that reason may miss an important scene within the video, only because a lot of things might have happened between two snapshots. For this scenario, make sure to use the automatic shot engine instead. See below.
  Uses the automatic shot engine. AVS plays the video and creates shots according to the content. A fast and efficient algorithm keeps tracks of important changes in the content and creates a new shot anytime there is a scene change like a cut, a fade, and so on. Essentially, the shot engine allows to create thumbnails of shots by both keeping track of great changes in contrast and colors, and avoids to take into account minor changes in contrast and colors. Although the default threshold is perfect for most uses, you can change the high threshold used by the automatic shot engine with the option below. The higher the threshold, the less sensitive is the engine.
  Sets the shot engine settings, both the sampler and the automatic engine. See this page for more information. A nice feature is that you can start the shot sampler or the automatic shot engine, then pause it, change the settings, and resume. Settings will be taken into account.
  Creates a web thumbnail, viewable both offline and online. See this page for more information.